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  • Reoxcare. Maximizing the natural wound healing process

    Reoxcare. Maximizing the natural wound healing process

What's Reoxcare?


Reoxcare is a line of medical devices for wound healing and the treatment of damaged skin.

The Reoxcare product line promotes the natural skin repair process.

All Reoxcare products are formulated with ingredients of natural origin.

Antioxidant wound dressing

Reoxcare - Antioxidant wound dressing is a new dressing for the inflammatory phase of healing for wounds of diverse aetiology.

It is indicated for the treatment of both chronic and acute wounds in patients at risk of wound chronification.

Our technology

Moist wound healing
Oxidative stress management

Causes of chronification

One of the main causes of chronification and delayed wound healing is oxidative stress caused by excess free radicals in the wound bed.

Antioxidant technology

The antioxidant technology neutralises excess of free oxygen radicals in wound exudate and thus reactivates the natural healing of the wound.


Allowswound activation

Frees fromchronic situation

Promotes progress to thenext steps of healing

Natural ingredients for a natural healing process

Carob gum

Carob gum

Obtained from the seeds of the carob tree and very common in the Mediterranean. It inhibits the damage caused by oxidative stress with its antioxidant action.
It has a high absorption capacity.


A plant of Asian origin commonly used as a spice or culinary seasoning.
Its main component is curcumin, which is responsible for its antioxidant properties.



An antioxidant amino acid that uses neutralisation to prevent oxidative stress caused by oxygen free radicals.

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