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Reoxcare. Antioxidant wound dressing

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What's Reoxcare -
Antioxidant wound dressing?

Reoxcare - Antioxidant wound dressing is a new dressing for the inflammatory phase of wound healing of diverse aetiology.
It is indicated for the treatment of both chronic and acute wounds in patients at risk of wound chronification.

Composed of two components, giving the product unique properties:

  • Plant-based matrix with high absorption capacity.
  • Hydration solution with antioxidant properties based on acetylcysteine and curcumin.

Method of use

Reoxcare - Antioxidant wound dressing consists of
two components
designed for simultaneous use


Open the blister packaging and pour the antioxidant solution onto the matrix.

The matrix needs about one minute to absorb the solution, and it gets partially hydrated.

Clean the wound in accordance with the cleaning protocol used by the healthcare centre.
Cut Reoxcare - Antioxidant wound dressing to suit the size of the wound and place it in direct contact with the wound bed.
Cover Reoxcare - Antioxidant dressing with a secondary dressing suitable for moist wound healing, adequate to the exudative nature of the wound and the patient's skin.
Dispose of any excess product.
Dressing should be changed every 3-4 days, depending on the level of wound exudate.
It is easily removed and does not adhere to the wound bed.

Appropriate secondary dressings

Reoxcare - Antioxidant wound dressing is compatible with the commonly used secondary dressings. The most appropriate should be selected according to the level of wound exudate.

Level of exudate

Secondary dressing

  • Alginate
  • Polyvinyl fibre
  • Hydrocolloid hydrofibre
  • Super-absorbent hydroactive dressing
For very exudative wounds, use a second secondary foam dressing with adhesive silicone.
  • Polyurethane foam with adhesive silicone
  • Hydrocolloid hydrofibre with silicone
  • Polyurethane film
For less exudative wounds, to retain moisture and prevent it from drying out, Reoxcare can be covered with amorphous or shaped hydrogel.

Precautions for use

Reoxcare - Antioxidant wound dressing is single use only and cannot be reused. Reuse may lead to risk infection.
This product contains acetylcysteine, turmeric derivates and galactommanan. Do not use in case of known hypersensitivity to any of the components.
Do not use on wounds with clinical signs of infection. If any signs of wound infection arise during use of Reoxcare - Antioxidant wound dressing, treatment must be started in accordance with the healthcare centre's protocol.
Sterile product. The sterility of the product is guaranteed unless the packaging has been opened or is damaged. If this is the case, do not use it.

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